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Carpet tiles, also referred to as modular carpet or sometimes carpet squares, are a modern and stylish alternative to standard carpet broadloom from a roll. Traditionally, carpet tiles were mostly used in high traffics areas where they had the ability to stand up to the wear and tear they were exposed too. Often used in commercial settings, such as in schools and airports, they are becoming more and more popular in residential spaces. They come in variety of sizes and styles and are great for covering tricky shaped floor spaces. Carpet tiles have become popular with designers as they offer many more modern designs than traditional carpet broadloom. Some qualities that make carpet tiles an obvious choice include:

  • Ease of Installation– Depending on the type of installation, carpet tiles can be installed with double sided tape or a pressure sensitive adhesive. Carpet tiles come in workable sizes, usually 24’ x 24” squares or 18’ x 36” rectangles. If need be one person is able to move the carpet tiles to and around the job site. Tiles are easily cut with a sharp knife.
  • Durability– Carpet tiles are manufactured for high traffic areas and are extremely durable to withstand the wear and tear caused by heavy foot traffic. Many airports and sports arenas utilize carpet tiles.
  • Ease of Maintenance– Routine maintenance of carpet tiles does not differ from regular commercial broadloom. A regular maintenance schedule of vacuuming and steam cleaning is all that is needed. The advantage of carpet tiles over broadloom is that an individual tile can be taken away if it gets deeply stained and can be fitted back once the stains get washed off. Or you can replace the soiled/damaged tile with a new tile.
  • Creativity– Broadloom carpet is all one uniform colour, but carpet tiles allow for mixing and matching colors for a unique design, making it a popular choice for professional designers. Business owners can choose carpet tiles that match your organization’s image and logo. The design possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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